About Us…

Mission Statement

The idea behind this website is to quickly and directly help travellers answer the most important question they face when coming to Barcelona: how best to spend their time in the city?

There are very few cities on earth that offer quite such a dizzying array of amazing things to see and do as Barcelona does, but depending on your own personal tastes and who you’re travelling with, some tours and activities will appeal more than others. For that reason I’ve arranged all the things to do on this website into categories (such as Gaudi, romantic, free, with kids etc.), which should help readers quickly locate the sights and experiences that are going to work best for them.

I intend to update the website with more categories soon with themes such as what to do by night, food and drink tours, the best day trips from Barcelona and more quirky and original things to do. So stay tuned!

About the Author

About me? I’m a travel writer who was born in London, and whose obsession with urban culture means led me to visit nearly all the major cities in the world. Having tried out Paris, Berlin, Rome, New York, Hong Kong, Sydney, Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro and many more, I decided that Barcelona is by far the best fun (admittedly Rio came pretty close).

As such I have spent the better part of the last eight years in Catalonia, reporting on tourism, culture, restaurants, nightlife and trends for Easyjet Magazine, Ryanair, The Guardian, Conde Nast, Party Earth, CNN, Wizzair Magazine, and many more.

I also write for and edit my own websites Barcelona Life and Urban Travel Blog.

My name is Duncan, and you can email me if you need to get in touch.